Originally from the Black Country, author, Jules Garvey-Welch settled in Hampshire after completing her teaching degree at Chichester University. She is married with two teenage children and works part time as a primary school teacher.

 In early July 2016, her monologue ‘Flat on the High Street’ was selected for the Portsmouth ‘Plugged In’ project (A collaboration of writers and film makers who created short films about the city).

 In September 2016 she wrote two comedic monologues for a theatre tapas being performed at ‘The Groundlings theatre’ Portsmouth (A theatre frequented by both Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria) and has been invited to work with the creative team in a similar project for Spring 2017.

Her short story ‘Fred’ appeared in ‘The Portsmouth News’ as part of a celebration of new local authors and she has had other short stories included in anthologies, including ‘Diamond Encrusted Mince Pies’ and a local historic project which celebrated the two hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

In November 2016 she was the winner of the ‘Writeidea’ short story writing competition.

 She has written her own anthology for adults called ‘Beyond the Bell Tower’ which is a compilation of short stories which explore life and loss from Medieval England to Modern Day.

 She is a member of ‘Portsmouth Writer’s Hub’ which is part of New Writing South and is supported by Portsmouth City Council and is also actively involved with ‘The Writers @ Lovedean group which is a collection of enthusiastic poets and writers of all genres.