The Field Street Monologues
At last I have completed and published my new book ‘The Field Street Monologues’ about the residents of a Black Country street. Some of the characters are linked and some stand alone. If you fancy a read it can be purchased from the link above.

Here is the blurb…

“Take a walk with me down this ‘Black Country’ street, with its back to back houses and secret entries and let us peep through the curtains into the lives of its residents.
We will step backstage into the world of the theatre costume mistress, before taking a moment to visit the troubled mind of an ex-soldier battling with combat stress; stopping briefly to share the fears and excitement of a young man about to embark on a ‘dating in the dark’ experience and then hide in the shadows with a ‘Twitcher’ who has shifted his attentions onto darker subjects.”
This is a collection of twelve short monologues, ideal for performance by students and amateur groups. They also provide excellent opportunities for modern audition pieces.
‘Fred’ has been performed at the Boogaloo Theatre in Highgate and ‘Maud’, which was the winner of the ‘Writeidea’ short story competition 2016, has been performed at the Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth.

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